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Our Business Management Consultant Experts will Drive Success into Your Business

The Value Concepts team has many years’ experience in manufacturing and senior leadership positions along with extensive knowledge and experience implementing Lean Principles.

We can relate to the challenges you are facing and can help you to identify opportunities for improvement. We are committed to finding value in your business & assisting you to deliver tangible benefits to your bottom line.

Company Profile

At Value Concepts, we see people as the most important asset of any company. We believe that building the capability and competency of your people is paramount to business success. By increasing engagement and driving continuous improvement through collaboration with systems designed to enhance creativity, you are more likely to ensure these business improvement results are sustainable.

Are you hitting your performance targets?

Our Business Process Improvement Consultants can help you to identify your improvement opportunities, unlock your potential, and ensure that you are hitting your Business Performance KPI’s. Let us help you increase engagement, develop, and deliver sustainable solutions and achieve the desired business performance results.

Why choose Value Concepts?

We engage with your teams to understand the challenges they are facing and deploy Lean Principles ‘with them’ rather than ‘to them’.

Our Business Process Improvement Consultants draw from our extensive experiences in diverse manufacturing industries in both operations and leadership roles to understand the issues our clients are facing.

Our approach avoids a ‘classroom environment’ (death by power point), and instead uses direct, on the floor engagement which allows us to understand operators concerns or frustrations and empowers your team to come up with solutions which facilitate business improvement and employee satisfaction.

Our Business Process Improvement Consultants have a proven record in managing major projects, operational readiness, value stream mapping, lean principles deployment, improving processes through training and education and removing waste and/or non-value adding activities

About Us

Our journey began in 2018 when the two co-founders were contracted to a large manufacturing facility to assist with training and development, establish standard work procedures, and enhance project management practices associated with introducing new equipment and products to the site.


Our vision for assisting this client achieve operational readiness for a vertical start-up was achieved, and our company ‘Value Concepts’ was born.

Today, our customers directly benefit from our decades of experience in Leadership, Training, Project Management, Continuous Improvement, Operational Excellence and ’Lean’ principles.

Value Concepts is committed to finding value in your business & assisting you to deliver tangible benefits to your bottom line. We have many tools, techniques and insights to help you and your relevant stakeholders understand how to unlock value within your organisation

Our experience in business leadership, building high performing teams and rolling out change management for fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) companies, leaves us well placed to help you deliver sustainable results and improve your business performance.

Our processes are simple, as all processes should be. This simplicity assists our clients in identifying and valuing opportunities whilst building a set of priorities to ensure you to get the best business outcome.

“Our passion is your business”

Meet the Team

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Clint Brooker