Operational Excellence (OE)

To remain competitive or to improve competitiveness in the marketplace, organisations need to continuously manage operational complexity, identifying and acting upon opportunities for improvement. By looking into how internal business processes are designed, how the various functions within them are performed and identifying problems in those processes, improvement actions can be considered and implemented within a structured framework to monitor progress.

Value Concepts works with you to develop and establish your OE program, conducting a full OE & Lean Health Check on your business and then tailoring aspects of the OE framework to fit your organisational needs.

Value Concepts offers training in;

  • OE methods and philosophies, including;
    • Tiered Meetings
    • Process Standardisation
    • Standard Work
    • Focused improvement
    • Teamwork
  • Visual Management
  • Process Mapping
  • Value Stream Mapping
  • Frontline Leadership