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By working side by side with your people to create capability and improvement sustainability.

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Our business management consultants specialise in capability, engagement, competency, and improvement sustainability issues.

At some point in your technical writing career, you may find yourself in a position where you are responsible not only for your own output, but also the output of other writers under you.
There are six basic steps to creating a Manufacturing Training Program that really works. This image illustrates those steps, in order, but it also represents how the Training Cycle is never-ending.
We can learn by reading, listening and having experiences. The best way for most people is often a combination, but with a strong active component, as the tables below show.
To remain competitive or to improve competitiveness in the marketplace, organisations need to continuously manage operational complexity, identifying and acting upon opportunities for improvement.
It defines expectations, making it clear through behaviours that something new is expected. It distils concepts into practices, focuses a spotlight on improvement, and highlights problems so they can be immediately addressed.
It is no surprise that organisations strive to hire project managers who lead projects “end-to-end.” They understand how difficult it is to transition from deliverables to a solution that is effective in operation.

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