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Our business management consultants specialise in capability, engagement, competency, and improvement sustainability issues.

Project management is the discipline of planning, executing and completing projects to meet a specific set of objectives, generally; within scope, on time and to budget. 
Root Cause Analysis (RCA) is a process to understand the real causes behind a problem in order to learn why that problem arose in the first place. 
Value – Anything that adds value to the customer – anything for which a customer is willing to pay.
Change management is not a reactive response if change happens; it is preparation for when change happens. Change management allows you to assess your situation and understand why change is needed, align your efforts and resources, and manage the change itself.
The five Lean principles provide a framework for creating an efficient and effective organisation. Lean allows managers to discover inefficiencies in their organisation and deliver better value to customers.
At some point in your technical writing career, you may find yourself in a position where you are responsible not only for your own output, but also the output of other writers under you.

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