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Our business management consultants specialise in capability, engagement, competency, and improvement sustainability issues.

The five Lean principles provide a framework for creating an efficient and effective organisation. Lean allows managers to discover inefficiencies in their organisation and deliver better value to customers.
Root Cause Analysis (RCA) is a process to understand the real causes behind a problem in order to learn why that problem arose in the first place. 
It is no surprise that organisations strive to hire project managers who lead projects “end-to-end.” They understand how difficult it is to transition from deliverables to a solution that is effective in operation.
At some point in your technical writing career, you may find yourself in a position where you are responsible not only for your own output, but also the output of other writers under you.
There are six basic steps to creating a Manufacturing Training Program that really works. This image illustrates those steps, in order, but it also represents how the Training Cycle is never-ending.
Project management is the discipline of planning, executing and completing projects to meet a specific set of objectives, generally; within scope, on time and to budget. 

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