Change Management

What is Change Management?

What is change management, and why does change need to be managed? 

Change management is not a reactive response if change happens; it is preparation for when change happens. Change management allows you to assess your situation and understand why change is needed, align your efforts and resources, and manage the change itself.

What are the Benefits of Change Management?

By coordinating and structuring change as a process to be managed, you have a far better chance of seeing results from your efforts. Change management should lead your employees, teams, departments and organisation toward thriving and benefiting from change, rather than reacting and merely surviving it—or even worse, seeing no results from the change efforts.

Change Management principles

While the change management process can be different depending on the industry and applied in different ways based on the department versus organisational levels, rolling out change management in a “proper way” tends to follow a few basic principles.

  1. Create a Climate for Change
  2. Engage and Enable Change
  3. Implement and Sustain Change
  4. Review and Reflect on Change